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Bit Bear NFTs

Bit Bear Legends NFTs

We are Multichain “BIT NFT” Creators, we provide utility NFT’s for our holders and partners




The white list is closed until the mint date! February, 9th, 2024!

Bit Bear Legends NFT Collection

“Bit Bear Legends” introduces a revolutionary opportunity in the cryptocurrency space with our exclusive NFT collection. As esteemed holders of these unique, limited-edition NFTs, you’re not just acquiring a piece of digital art but also gaining key access to our dynamic crypto ecosystem.

Crypto at its finest

from start to finish

Owning a Bit Bear Legends NFT is not just an ownership token; it’s an entry into an exclusive world of benefits and opportunities. As a proud NFT holder, you gain:

Discover the Exciting Benefits of Holding an NFT:


  • ✔ Ownership and Authenticity Proof
  • ✔ Access to Exclusive Digital Content
  • ✔ Utility and Functionality in the Project’s Ecosystem
  • ✔ Governance or Voting Rights in Some Cases
  • ✔ Revenue Sharing from Secondary Market Transactions
  • ✔ Exclusive Invitations to Events and Merchandise Opportunities
  • ✔ Early Access to New Features and Exclusive Discounts
  • ✔ Build a strong community and Forge Social Connections
  • ✔ Trade Your NFTs on Thriving NFT Marketplaces
  • ✔ Get a special Discord Role


Feel the excitement of NFT ownership and explore these incredible benefits today! 

Bit Legends

How do I get a Bit Bear Legend NFT?


Get a discounted price by signing up for our white list. This is a gift for early adopters!


After you are done, check out Opensea to be familiar of the minting process!


Visit the Bit Bear Legends Discord channel and acquire a unique role that signifies you're one step closer to becoming a legend in the crypto world!