Bit Bear Legends

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Bit Bear Legends NFTs - Polygon

These exclusive and distinct NFTs play a crucial role in building community and fostering collaboration within the crypto ecosystem. By acquiring and owning these NFTs, individuals become part of a community of like-minded enthusiasts, united by their shared interest in blockchain technology and digital assets.

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Polygon - Bit Bear Legends.

Bit Bear Legends NFT Mint Phases: May 1st will be our Polygon Collection.


You have a chance of receiving one of the below Bit Bears!

Remember, one is not the same! Each Bear is different, representing their favorite cryptocurrency.

Common: Easily obtainable NFTs with basic features (85 NFTs)

Uncommon: NFTs with additional features or attributes (40 NFTs)

Rare: Harder-to-find NFTs with unique or limited features (30 NFTs)

Epic: Extremely rare NFTs with exclusive perks or attributes (25 NFTs)

Legendary: The most coveted NFTs with top-tier benefits (15 NFTs)

Mythic: The rarest and most prestigious tier, offering unparalleled exclusivity (5 NFTs)

OG Holder Benefits

Discover the Exciting Benefits of Holding an OG Etheruem NFT:
  • ✔ Ownership and Authenticity Proof
  • ✔ Access to Exclusive Digital Content
  • ✔ Utility and Functionality in the Project’s Ecosystem
  • ✔ Governance or Voting Rights in Some Cases
  • ✔ Revenue Sharing from Secondary Market Transactions
  • ✔ Exclusive Invitations to Events and Merchandise Opportunities
  • ✔ Early Access to New Features and Exclusive Discounts
  • ✔ Build a strong community and Forge Social Connections
  • ✔ Trade Your NFTs on Thriving NFT Marketplaces

Feel the excitement of NFT ownership and explore these incredible benefits today! 🚀🌟